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Hello and welcome to my website - Below you will find an eBook, articles and videos that my team and I have created to help build the VR/AR community. My goal is to see these technologies gain adoption by helping brands, developers, studios or whomever else get informed on the next revolution.

I am the President of Zone 3 (VR) and the founder of 'Merchlar', a company that pioneered the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) sector in Canada. A Co-Founder and former partner at 5thWall agency and the Montreal Chapter President of the VR/AR Association. I am also a bilingual keynote speaker and have presented at several international conferences including SXSW, C2, G20, Capital Innovation Défi MTL etc. My award-winning agencies, have built immersive experiences for a number of high profile global brands such as Universal Pictures & Twitter.

Considered a thought leader in the field of AR & VR, I write a technology blog on Huffington Post.

If you are a passionate about VR/AR please make sure to watch my weekly show //SURGE FORWARD// and join the VR/AR association.

Augmented Reality Apps

On this episode of Surge Forward I talk about Stand Alone Augmented Reality apps. Do they work? Will people actually download them? What is the best way to have a successful launch?
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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Real Estate

In this video, you will find 4 different examples of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality being used in Real Estate. Download your FREE eBook on the return of investment regarding Virtual reality:
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Virtual Reality Return On Investment ROI

This video explains the science behind maximizing your return on investment (ROI) with virtual reality. Also, download your FREE eBook on the return of investment regarding Virtual reality​:
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How To Use Augmented Reality In Real Estate

On this episode of Surge Forward, I talk about Augmented Reality for the real estate market. This use case breaks down how augmented reality can help the sales process.
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Augmented Reality Training

On this episode of //Surge Forward// I speak on Augmented Reality training. A bank wanted a way to reduce their I.T costs by replacing physical & digital user manuals by the power of Augmented Reality. Merchlar proposed a solution that allows any employee to simply download the Augmented Reality app, point it to a device and receive the appropriate information.
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Augmented Reality Clothing

On this episode of //Surge Forward// I speak of using augmented reality for clothing. Is there a real added value? Does it help with sales? Or is it just another gimmick.
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How To Use Augmented Reality for Marketing In The Music Business

On this episode of //Surge Forward// I speak on the effective use of Augmented Reality in the music industry as a marketing tool.
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Augmented Reality App Development Cost

On this episode of //Surge Forward// I speak on the development cost of mobile augmented reality apps. The prices may vary enormously if the app is using 3D models, animation etc
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The Meaning of Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality

On this episode, I give an introduction on how //Surge Forward// came to be and some information about myself below. If you have any questions, comments, or inquiries please contact me.
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How VR Can Help Executives Rehearse For Big Moments

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence pointing at how dynamic mental imagery allows people to perform better. So then why aren't there enough studies focusing on using virtual reality as a performance booster for management executives who have to thrive under pressure? Well, there is now.


Manulife is employing the latest Building Information Modeling (BIM) and augmented reality technology for 3D building visualizations and interior virtual tours. For more information please go to Huffington Post Blog: ABOUT ME: FOLLOW ME: instragram/awane.jones


For more information please go to Here is an example of using Augmented Reality as a sales tool. Augmented Reality is a great visual tool to help others understand how Bayer's medication works. For more videos on Augmented Reality please subscirbe to my channel.

Reconnecting With Arts Using Virtual And Augmented Reality

It is essential that arts organizations adapt to shifting demographics and a rapidly changing participatory culture. In effort to address this new need, virtual reality and augmented reality can show us new ways to explore the arts and help spark a new interest and motivation for arts-goers.