My AR/VR Journey

Friends, welcome to my website - On this page my objective is to do two things:

  1. Give as much information as I can from my previous AR/VR companies. Below you will find an eBook, articles and videos that my team and I have created over the last decade. I like to share this information with you and hope you find some value in it.
  2. I have started a new company in the location-based entertainment space I would like to talk with as many studios, technology developers, distributors and operators so feel free to reach out to me anytime.

Currently, I am the CEO of Phenomena a technology and entertainment company that develops Immersive Spectacles with our own proprietary haptics technology. In the past, I was the General Manager of Zone3 (VR/AR) and founded two companies that pioneered the AR/VR sector in Canada. I have raised over 2 million dollars throughout my startup career and had one exit. I am also a bilingual keynote speaker and have presented at several international conferences including SXSW, C2, G20, etc. My award-winning AR/VR agencies have built immersive experiences for a number of high profile global brands such as Universal Pictures (50 Shades of Grey Darker and The Mummy) as well as Twitter.

Extra goodies:

You can reach me anytime at or follow me on Twitter